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Lee Liang
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Bradford M.D.
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Dormant and Dawn Empty Dormant and Dawn

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:20 pm
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This is the truth and only the truth about what happened to TTX, what will soon to come. I'm not a hacker, not a philosopher, but only an informer.  
The Truth
-2008, MLT Network
On April 11th, 2008, on the MLT Network, a member by the name of "ctiger" was leaking the TTX source globally all over the forums. The comments were mostly positive responses by present day hackers. A month later, a hacking group was formed. Ironically, the hacking group ONLY knew how to exploit TTX servers, so when OpenSource was released, the group was left baffled.
Two months after that event occurred, A member by the name of G3n, was officially apart of the hacking group recently formed called the r4pt0rs.
Their plan at the time was to learn the TTX source and take it down for good.
The image below is G3n boasting about his entrance into the r4pt0rs.
Dormant and Dawn Proof
About 20 minutes later, the owner of MLT net, MLT, figured out that not only that message was posted, they were also getting hacked. The account G3n was using was actually G6's and usernames were being changed to "r4p."
A week later, MLT was shut down. Although MLT was a TTX remake, nobody actually believed the hacking groups were real.
In June 2009, they've been several reportings of hacks of networks, passwords being stolen, and account compromises. The previous year, some of the worst community scares have occurred. TTX was almost leaked of all their users passwords. MLT network was shutdown, and A network by the name of iNet was supposedly shut down.
Though in November 2009, the Dark Age was formed. Nobody knew about the underground hacking network. But they were alive. They were the reason for the shutdowns of iClub, Phoenix, and Octane. The h4x0rs were retired users from them.
In 2010, the Dark Age became bright, as they started destroying networks and causing ultimate chaos. TTX was shutdown, as well many others. This caused what was know as Operation ZERO.
OPERATION ZERO was a theory that all of the communities' networks would cease to exist. This theory has been dated all the way back to 2008. on the TTX forums. Link, a former hacker, made a huge global topic about on the forums, though nobody believed him. He still managed to believe it was true.
He then left TTX in January 2009 with this statement,

"You all are stupid, pathetic, shits.
You all will see that the material I'm stating is real.
This will happen soon, and you must prepare.
But, if you don't believe me, you will be the one to
be left the ashes of sorrow."

Even after the message was publicly spoken, nobody even thought twice about it. And it had seemed that Link was wrong about his judgement, and even to this day, nobody has ever touched on Link's concept.

2011 - 2013: Dormant and Dawn

In 2011, not much happened but the few odd network crashes. But actually, more networks were being formed. Plus, the Operation ZERO theory had been forgotten. But in December 2011, another hacking group was formed, and it was leaked very quickly. The name was The Mortem, and they have been working with Dark Age to strategize their next plan.
In 2012, networks have died due to low money and few have been hacked. But on iPheo, the inactive network. iPheo's account was named to changed to Awakening, then quickly changed back to iPheo before anyone noticed.
This was captured in a Way-back machine archive. But h4x0rs denied they had anything to do with the name change.

In December 31st 2012. The Dark Age posted this on a local pastebin.

You know who we are,
We done the most destructive things,
We've gone black.
But we will come back.

Also, on the pastebin and had this to say,

All networks in 2013 will die. We have no hatred toward anyone in the community. But it will end. Have your fucking paradise now, because in the end you won't have shit to complain on. All of you bastards will go back to cock sucking at the urban street. This shit has gone on for seven years, That's seven too many.

Theo Bradley
Watson College
Watson College
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Dormant and Dawn Empty Re: Dormant and Dawn

on Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:02 pm
This is such an old topic, being reposted three times on three different forums.
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